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Zapmap reveals (another) record year for charge point installations

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Jan '24

Leading charge point mapping service Zapmap has crunched the numbers to reveal that 2023 saw more new public charge points installed in the UK than ever before – making it even easier to grab a charge while on the go.

The numbers are in!

Zapmap has revealed a 45 percent increase in the total number of new public chargers installed in the UK during 2023, with the total of devices now standing at 53,906 units.

The biggest growth areas were with the installation of ultra-rapid chargers (considered to be units offering 100kW or more of power) and the opening of charging hubs (defined as a location with six or more rapid or ultra-rapid chargers).

There are now a total of 264 charging hubs in the UK, not including Tesla-exclusive supercharger locations – an increase of 145% compared to the end of 2022. Zapmap has also revealed that only 20 percent of these hubs are located at motorway services.

The rate of charger installation has also increased, up from approximately 700 net new devices per month in 2022 to almost 1,400 units every month in 2023.

It isn’t just the high powered end of the charging industry which has seen growth – there are 72 percent more on-street chargers compared to 12 months ago, although rollout has been largely dependent on the appetite at the local authority level.

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