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Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla Wall Connector

The Tesla 3rd Generation Wall Connector is Tesla’s own charge point. While the Wall Connector is compatible with Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y it is also compatible with all cars with a Type 2 socket [which is most new electric cars]. So, even if you don’t have a Tesla, this is still a good choice.

  • Type 2 Socket: Compatible with all cars with a Type 2 socket.
  • Tethered Only: The Wall Connector comes with a built in 7.3m cable as standard, which wraps neatly around the charge point when not being used.
  • Requires Wi-fi Connectivity: to make the most of the Wall Connector, you need to be able to connect it to your home Wi-Fi, so make sure you plan on installing it within range.
  • Stylish: Arguably the coolest looking charge point out there it comes in clean white only.
  • Charging Speed: Charges at 7.4kWh on a standard single-phase supply, or up 22kWh on a 3-Phase supply. [Please note that on a 3-Phase supply, the charge may require a special earthing device].


Installation from: £1030 VAT (Includes mini fuse board with built in PEN fault device)

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