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Easee One

Easee One

The Best All Round Charger

This beauty of a charger only just recently hit the UK market, and has quickly become our favourite charger. Not only is it compact and looks fantastic, it is Easee by name and easy by nature. Plus, it has more features than any other comparably priced charger.

  • Universal Socket: Need a charger which is compatible with both Type 1 and Type 2 socketed-cars? The Easee has a universal socket which allows it to be used with both Types.
  • Tethered and Untethered: While this charger does not come with a charging cable, you can use the Easee app to lock any cable in place to the charger and leave it there. Thus safety and convenience are assured. And of course, if you want to take the cable with you, you can unlock it and off you go!
  • Always connected with built-in Sim: If you have Wifi, then you can connect the Easee to it, but if for whatever reason you don’t, then the built-in, life-time free 4G-subscription ensures that the charger is always connected to the Cloud, and always accessible.
  • Multiple Colours: Default black is always stylish, but if you want another colour, there is a choice of a further four colours [at a small additional cost].
  • Freestanding: If you want the charger to be freestanding – not wall mounted – we can install a stainless-steel pole and attach the Easee One to it [additional cost].
  • Network Friendly: Thinking of having more than one charger? Even if you aren’t yet, you might in the not too distant future. With the Easee One you can have up to three chargers speaking to each other on the same network.
  • User Control: Control who can make use of the Easee with RFID cards given to users of your choosing, and then monitor their usage.


Installation starts at: £945 VAT


Additional Wall Hook: £35 VAT

Change of Colour: £29 VAT

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